Formerly a psychology student, insurance professional, and office administrator –

The Recipe Reporter

Now a self-proclaimed recipe expert. I haven’t figured out exactly what my life’s dream is yet, but this is close.  One thing is certain:

I’m passionate about cooking, and I’ll give you really good reasons why you should, or shouldn’t prepare a recipe.

Between running a small home-based business, raising two small boys, and taking care of home and family, I delve into culinary horizons with no fear. I’ve had an interesting life journey, some of which has been influenced by my late professional musician father, and historical guru and artistic mother.  But my love for cooking became prevalent after I met my husband, who is a French native, knows how to cook,  and has a real appreciation for what it takes to make real food.  His feedback is always considered in my reviews.

The content recipe focus may change here occasionally – because I tend to throw myself into a new area – and when I feel I’ve just about mastered it, I throw myself into something new.  I may write about low-carb recipes for a while, and then switch to higher fat, easy comfort food. Perhaps it’s fear of boredom, fear of commitment, or just a reflection of what’s going on in my personal life.  Whatever the reason, it should make for a more interesting blog.  I’m always learning, so I love your feedback.


6 responses to “Author

  1. suzann king

    OMG! You are a fantastic writer! I am so excited to start reading this.

  2. Angie Hookham

    This is so COOL! I feel like we are in the movies! I love your writing- I think you should find a job in writing! You are so elegant!
    Love this! Keep it up. You have me hooked!

  3. Shelley Weiss

    AWESOME blog, Claudia!!! I’m a new fan & will be trying your recipes 🙂

  4. gabrielle

    very cool mom!
    love youuu

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